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Melbourne: 2-16 December 2009

First off, apologies to anyone who noticed that I’ve been hugely absent from attending to my blog over the couple of months.  I am a poor blogger and I am going to try to make more of an effort from now on.  Summer always makes me unable to keep to schedules or make myself complete tasks, which probably also accounts for why I haven’t been into my studio since November.

However, now that January is nearly over and we are well and truly into the year 2010, I am becoming proactive and putting productivity into the forefront of my life.  But first off, let me backtrack a little and share a few (I mean quite a few…photo heavy post!) photos of my recent 2 week jaunt to Melbourne.  The weather was great and the company was truly enjoyable, and I now have even more love for this city than before.

It was a great two weeks but I feel like I never have enough time anywhere I go to see everything I want to!  I suppose I’ll just have to go back sometime soon.

And so, hopefully this post is the first in what should become more regular posting!  Tomorrow I am going to my studio to get back into creating!



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I’m sure this website is nothing new to a lot of people, but I only happened across it today and it’s got me very excited.  I’ve always loved those photo booth machines that you can get your photo taken and find your face strewn with stars and phrases with meanings that somehow got lost in translation.

The only problem with these machines is that you spend somewhere between $5 and $15 dollars and end up with only a few small photos or stickers, which in my case generally end up being lost in the recesses of a wallet or handbag. Either that or whoever I’m with will have no part in posing for ridiculous photos.

puricuteYes, that is a pirate cat by my face.

Puricute solves both of these problems!  Puricute is a website with a simple flash player based system that allows you to upload any photo from your computer and turn it into a cutesy overloaded sugary photobooth style concoction.  Do you want a strange penguin-like animal on your cheek? You can have it. Feel like putting your face on a Japanese street sign?  You can do that too.

It’s incredibly fun to play around with and gives normal photos a cute injection.  And just in case you do want a tangible version of your creation, you can buy sticker pictures directly from the site.


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