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Mala Iqbal

High Altitude Sunset - 2009

Mala Iqbal paints landscapes which I find to be pretty epic. They may not be everyone’s taste, but I am feeling heavily inspired after discovering her work.  Her use of colours and detailed interludes draw you into the work, and she uses paint in a uniquely admirable fashion.


The Traveler

While browsing her website, I found it interesting to observe the progression that is obvious from looking through the archives.  Her style has developed from something that appears heavily influenced by graffiti and spray paint art to more organic looking landscape representations. The works included in the post are in reverse chronological order, the first image being one of most recent works from 2009, through to the last one which is from 2006.


The Jungle

Mala has both a BA in Visual Arts and English from Columbia University NYC and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She has been exhibiting regularly since 2001. Please visit her site here to see more of her amazing paintings.



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Polar Palace

While I may not quite be happy with the levels of productivity I’m reaching, I am at least happy with the work I’m producing – and it’s been a little while since that was the case.

Polar Palace - full image

Yesterday I finished this painting, and while I’m the first to admit that it’s not perfect, there is a lot I like about it.  The polar bear isn’t quite right, but the castle is pretty – and it looks more impressive in person.

Polar Palace - detail

Polar Palace - detail

There is an award show/competition that I’m planning on entering; the deadline is the beginning of October.  So far I’m considering putting in this work and the previous one with the pandas.  This may change, dependent on this:


Blank canvas of doom! It’s so hard looking at a huge blank canvas and deciding where to begin. The prospect of the first brushstroke ruining it is daunting. But paint I must.

Any critique and/or feedback on this painting is most welcome!

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Jiha Moon


A couple of years ago whilst in the search for some inspiration, I happened across the work of Korean born artist Jiha Moon.  I was immediately drawn into a state of enthrallment as I perused the Google Image search results and then even more excited when I discovered her website, with a complete back-catalogue of images.

Jade ValleyJade Valley


Rhetoric ChannelRhetoric Channel

Her work is colourful and exciting; combining elements of landscape, pop art and surrealism in mixed media works that modernise traditional Asian landscapes using saccharine-sweet colours and invented creatures.  A combination of abstraction and representation, traditional and modern, the work of Jiha Moon is, put simply,  incredible to behold.

Nahans Forty WinksNahan’s Forty Winks

Moon is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia and regularly exhibits in both solo and group shows.

All photos from the official website of Jiha Moon.

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From my archives

It so often happens that I’ll spend so hours labouring over a painting and absolutely love it when it’s finished, only to become completely over it within a few weeks.  Fickle is a brilliant word to describe this commonplace conundrum.  The images in this post are of some of the few paintings that have escaped that fate.

Mid 2007

Sarah Paintings 2007 011

Sarah Paintings 2007 013

Early 2008

blue purple


This last image makes me pretty happy. Sleepy plush cloud over pointy mountains = bliss.

Hopefully I can find more images of my old paintings that I still like. I have a series of paintings hanging in my room that are my favourites but currently have no images of them available.


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Fresh Panda Start

I am lucky enough to have found a pretty sweet studio space for minimal rent that is close to home.  The space is one of 8 dedicated to emerging artists and recent graduates and while it’s relatively simple, I’m pretty happy to have found something that meets my needs and is affordable.  It’s concrete floors and unfinished walls don’t give off a hugely creative vibe, but I’ve hung a huge satiny curtain over one concrete wall and cosied the place up with a rug on the floor. There are plans in my mind to cute-ify the space but at the moment it’s pretty good as is.Studio

My mother’s brother, who dislikes being called my uncle is pretty cool. He constructed me a trolley with wheels and a glass top which is the ideal palette.

Painting trolley

I’ve got a vintage chair in there and I even managed to score a good deal on a fridge.  I can’t paint without hot drinks, and I can’t have hot drinks without cold milk.  A beer or two in an artist’s studio never goes astray either.

Having been in the space now for around 2 months I can’t say I’ve been nearly as productive as I’d hoped, but I have no deadlines so I’m taking my time to make things that I actually like.  No longer being held accountable by tutors for my work has given me freedom to paint whatever I like. So I painted some pandas. Why not?



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