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Friendly Faces

The following little 4inch x 4inch cuties have been taking up some of my time in the past couple of weeks as I’m making them to show and sell alongside my new creatures at The Front Room.  People who’ve read previous posts may notice the similarity between these and the Peeper Trio I gifted to my boyfriend last year. I love making these little paintings,  and I find them so adorable that I can’t help but squee at them when I add the final touches to each.

I’m trying to think of different animals I can reconfigure to my quirky style of drawing and painting, and will also be doing these in different colour combinations and sizes for a few other upcoming projects, including the DNA Market which will be on the 3rd of July – more details on that to come!



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Birthday Elephant

My boyfriend’s mother is such a lovely lady and I always seem to have some of the most interesting conversations with her when I’m around at their house.  It was her birthday over the weekend so last week I decided I’d paint her a little gift. She absolutely loves elephants; I don’t even think I could begin to count how many likenesses of the long-trunked pachyderm are scattered around the rooms of their villa.  I couldn’t help injecting some cuteness into my rendition.


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