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Since the final year of my Bachelor’s degree (in Visual Arts) I’ve been incorporating cute (and sometimes slightly odd) creatures into my landscape paintings.  Recently I was offered the opportunity to have some creatures on display and for sale at The Front Room – away from their landscape habitats!

While I’ve made small creatures before as gifts for people, it has been a challenge getting them to a standard I’m happy with for public display and sale.  I’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks learning new stitches, drawing up little sketches, and bringing some wee fellows to life.  This week I took them out for a little photo shoot, as I’ll be delivering them to the gallery next week and felt they needed some fresh air (and photo opportunities) before I part with them!

Cute! I will be endeavouring  to create more of these fun little fellows as I have another project coming up in July at which I’d like to have a whole bunch to sell! In the meantime, hopefully people are interested in them at the gallery.  If anyone reading this would like one, I can do custom colours/faces/bodies perhaps!


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Ronald Kurniawan

Day Of The Dead - Ronald Kurniawan

Day Of The Dead - Ronald Kurniawan

Ronald Kurniawan makes surreal brightly coloured magical works that feature invented creatures and landscape elements along with references to technology and the civilised world. His work includes paintings and sculptures, though he is definitely more prolific at the first.

Queen B - Ronald Kurniawan

Queen B - Ronald Kurniawan

He lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He has exhibited in many shows and has also created work for companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Disney Consumer Products, General Mills and Honda, to name a few.

Ronald Kurniawan - Work for Honda Insight Campaign

Ronald Kurniawan - Work for Honda Insight Campaign

Ronald Kurniawan paints imagery that makes you think. And he also has a pet pug, so he must be awesome.

Top Dog - Ronald Kurniawan

Top Dog - Ronald Kurniawan

Please visit the website of Ronald Kurniawan to see more of his work.

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From my archives

It so often happens that I’ll spend so hours labouring over a painting and absolutely love it when it’s finished, only to become completely over it within a few weeks.  Fickle is a brilliant word to describe this commonplace conundrum.  The images in this post are of some of the few paintings that have escaped that fate.

Mid 2007

Sarah Paintings 2007 011

Sarah Paintings 2007 013

Early 2008

blue purple


This last image makes me pretty happy. Sleepy plush cloud over pointy mountains = bliss.

Hopefully I can find more images of my old paintings that I still like. I have a series of paintings hanging in my room that are my favourites but currently have no images of them available.


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