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Friendly Faces

The following little 4inch x 4inch cuties have been taking up some of my time in the past couple of weeks as I’m making them to show and sell alongside my new creatures at The Front Room.  People who’ve read previous posts may notice the similarity between these and the Peeper Trio I gifted to my boyfriend last year. I love making these little paintings,  and I find them so adorable that I can’t help but squee at them when I add the final touches to each.

I’m trying to think of different animals I can reconfigure to my quirky style of drawing and painting, and will also be doing these in different colour combinations and sizes for a few other upcoming projects, including the DNA Market which will be on the 3rd of July – more details on that to come!



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Bunny Troubles

So in the past week it’s become exceedingly clear that there are some things that I cannot paint even though I might want to. Or at least that’s how it feels.  After declaring that I was going to become more dedicated to the life of a studio artist, I’ve already hit a wall.

I started a painting on Monday this week.


On Tuesday, I did some more work on it.


On Wednesday, I completely and utterly screwed it up.

bunny of doom.

Yep. A bunny. I like bunnies. I like all things cute. I had a whole bunch of images of wild rabbits, frolicking here and there, sneaking around in fields of grass. I wanted to paint a bunny. I shouldn’t have.

bunny :(

Everyone has some limit to their skills, and it would seem that bunnies are my limit.

What now?  It’s Thursday and I’ve taken the day off. I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, which was worthwhile. I may have even found an awesome job. And I can relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Except not really, because I don’t know what to do about this painting. I feel like it’s ruined, and I don’t know what to do. The thought of facing it makes me feel a little ill. I’m angry and sad at that silly bunny.

Does anyone have any tips? Thoughts, advice, critique?


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Etsy Feature – Cute Jewellery

I love accessories. Necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, hair clips;  the list of things to adorn ones self with is endless. Choosing a piece can be a time-consuming and very personal process and wearing that piece is a great way to show a bit of your personality.

One of the best places to get unique and exciting accessories is, of course,  Etsy.  Perusing the many shops and sellers on Etsy has become a favourite pastime of mine and I wanted to start a feature within my blog to showcase some of my favourite sellers.  So without further fanfare, I present two awesome sellers from Etsy.

Honeypop Jewellery

Kawaii Happy Teeth Earrings by honeypopjewellery

honeypopjewellery is a shop brimming with cute and kitsch jewellery run by 20 year old Kate from Leicester, UK.  Everything in the shop is made by Kate, who uses  some well-known characters such as Hello Kitty and Kuromi in her jewellery, as well as sweet bows, cupcakes and a plethora of other goodies.

Kitsch Purple Unicorn Cluster NecklaceKuromi Cluster NecklacePink Kawaii Bunny NecklaceTop to bottom:

Purple Unicorn Cluster Necklace

Kuromi Cluster Necklace

Pink Bunny Necklace

Kate also runs another shop on Etsy, honeypoprags, which features her own clothing designs.

Licorice & Lollipops

White Rabbit Tea Party Mirror NecklaceAlice In Wonderland Rabbit Tea Party Necklace from Licorice & Lollipops

Meghan, AKA missmercy, runs a shop on Etsy that goes by the cutely fitting name Licorice & Lollipops.  Miss Meghan is an army wife from North Eastern Ohio, USA, who makes  delightfully intricate accessories in her spare time.

Blue Swallow RingHello Kitty PancakesTeacup Bunny NecklaceTop to bottom:

Blue Swallow Cocktail Ring

Hello Kitty Pancakes and Syrup Necklace

Teacup Bunny Necklace

Creating pieces that range from slightly gothic to outrageously cute, Meghan often employs multiple elements to craft elaborate one of a kind pieces.


If you’re looking for a distinctive gift for someone who likes quirky accessories or if you need something new for yourself, check out the shops of these two talented ladies.

My only problem is trying to decide which pieces to buy for myself!

All photos taken from the Etsy shops of honeypopjewellery and missmercy.


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