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Bunny Troubles

So in the past week it’s become exceedingly clear that there are some things that I cannot paint even though I might want to. Or at least that’s how it feels.  After declaring that I was going to become more dedicated to the life of a studio artist, I’ve already hit a wall.

I started a painting on Monday this week.


On Tuesday, I did some more work on it.


On Wednesday, I completely and utterly screwed it up.

bunny of doom.

Yep. A bunny. I like bunnies. I like all things cute. I had a whole bunch of images of wild rabbits, frolicking here and there, sneaking around in fields of grass. I wanted to paint a bunny. I shouldn’t have.

bunny :(

Everyone has some limit to their skills, and it would seem that bunnies are my limit.

What now?  It’s Thursday and I’ve taken the day off. I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, which was worthwhile. I may have even found an awesome job. And I can relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Except not really, because I don’t know what to do about this painting. I feel like it’s ruined, and I don’t know what to do. The thought of facing it makes me feel a little ill. I’m angry and sad at that silly bunny.

Does anyone have any tips? Thoughts, advice, critique?



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