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5 Months

5 months have passed since I blogged properly. In that time I started up a tumblr blog to keep track of the images of cute puppies and kittens that I find myself obsessing over. I have also visited Great Barrier Island, made a short trip to Melbourne and turned 24. There is something I haven’t done, however, and that is paint. I haven’t made any art in the last 3 or 4 months. I haven’t picked up a brush, I haven’t even been into my studio in the last 3 months. I’ve lost my inspiration, lost my ideas, lost the motivation and desire to paint I used to feel so strongly.

I know this post is a little bit personal, but given the fact I don’t think I have all that many followers, its a good way to vent a little bit about the fear I am now feeling regarding my lack of artistic endeavours.  It scares me.  I want to paint.  I even sort of know what kind of things I want to be painting, I just don’t know how to go about translating them into paintings.  I think I’m just facing some fear of failure and it doesn’t help that I haven’t seen much success so far.  I know no one is to blame for this but myself, and I know the longer I stay out of the studio and inactive in being creative, the worse it will get.

If anyone is reading this, what do you do when you’ve lost motivation and inspiration?  How do you get back into being creative without feeling like you’re forcing it?

And because I hate a text only post, here is a sample of the types of pictures I’ve been posting on my tumblr (



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Melbourne: 2-16 December 2009

First off, apologies to anyone who noticed that I’ve been hugely absent from attending to my blog over the couple of months.  I am a poor blogger and I am going to try to make more of an effort from now on.  Summer always makes me unable to keep to schedules or make myself complete tasks, which probably also accounts for why I haven’t been into my studio since November.

However, now that January is nearly over and we are well and truly into the year 2010, I am becoming proactive and putting productivity into the forefront of my life.  But first off, let me backtrack a little and share a few (I mean quite a few…photo heavy post!) photos of my recent 2 week jaunt to Melbourne.  The weather was great and the company was truly enjoyable, and I now have even more love for this city than before.

It was a great two weeks but I feel like I never have enough time anywhere I go to see everything I want to!  I suppose I’ll just have to go back sometime soon.

And so, hopefully this post is the first in what should become more regular posting!  Tomorrow I am going to my studio to get back into creating!


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Slow and not so steady

Before my 3 day working weekend, I completed two paintings.  The first, I started some weeks ago – it features sewn creatures attached to the canvas.  The second: started and finished in the same week.


happy tummy

My panda painting is also currently featured in an exhibition hosted by the Waitakere Trusts.  It stands out as being completely unique in the exhibition – but I’m still unsure of whether or not that’s a good thing.

The bunny painting has gone through another reincarnation and is now a continuing work in progress.  It currently looks like this:


The inspiration isn’t exactly flowing at the moment. In a few weeks time I’ll be heading to Melbourne for a 2 week pre-Christmas jaunt with Leon. Hopefully I’ll come back with some fresh ideas.

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Hello Kitty Twice

Hello Kitty Electric Kettle

Hello Kitty Electric Kettle

Hello Kitty…Cat

MooseFace Killah.
I like to call him MooseFace Killah.

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Dry Spell

For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing a severe lack of inspiration and ideas.  In the beginning, I’d go into my studio and squeeze out some paint colours, drag my feet around listlessly and eventually paint something onto a canvas – some candy coloured bubbles; a branch; a bush.

This week I have no desire to even do that. It’s been over 5 days since I set foot in my studio, and while I’m planning on going in later today, I’m almost dreading it just because I have no idea what to paint or what I want to paint.  I thought it would be easy once I left uni, I thought I’d go in all the time and spend hours painting whatever I wanted, making myself happy and creating paintings that I love. It would seem that this vision was too ideal and that I’d forgotten about the blocks that all artists/writers/creators come up against.

It’s as if there is some sort of barrier in my mind preventing me from just painting, or perhaps even a little bit of fear. It is harder not having a goal to work towards and I’ve never been that great at setting my own goals.

If anyone, creative or otherwise, has ideas on how to break a dry spell, I’d be really grateful.


My cat urges you to help, as he’s sick of all the extra attention he’s getting since I’m spending more time at home.


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Cupcake cake

On Friday the 2nd of October, I turned 23. It feels like an interesting age.

I had a pancake breakfast with my sister and her husband. We watched an episode of the new season of ANTM.

After a spot of mid-morning shopping, my sister and I met my two cousins for a Japanese lunch of tempura and tofu.

I spent the afternoon watching my sister bake me the cake pictured above. I got to put the sprinkles on it.

There was delicious Italian dinner with family, including my boyfriend Leon and his dad.

To finish off the day, some family and friends gathered at Leon’s to have cake, shisha pipes and a few drinks.

There was a lot of giggling and the rain stayed away. 23 feels like a good age.





candle blower

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New Little Friends

I used to incorporate sewing into my work.  In the final year of my degree, I presented a series of works that I’m still very fond of that were similar to the work I’m doing now, in that they were abstract landscapes. The difference with these works was the inclusion of hand-sewn plush creatures.  This week I decided to start sewing again.

mini creature

I made 2 little creatures, including the one pictured above. I’m considering painting a place for them to live, but I’m not sure yet.

As well as these tiny creatures, each of which measures no more than a couple of centimetres in height, I also made a gift for my brother-in-law’s birthday. It seems so weird calling him my brother-in-law, as my sister only got married a couple of months ago. Anyway, here he is (the creature, not the brother-in-law):

birthday creature

My sewing skills seem to have deteriorated a little in the couple of years break I took from sewing, and the fact that I don’t use a machine means that there are very obvious flaws in the stitching – but I kind of like that.

So what does anyone else think? Should I keep sewing and perhaps re-incorporate these creatures into my paintings?


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