Melbourne: 2-16 December 2009

First off, apologies to anyone who noticed that I’ve been hugely absent from attending to my blog over the couple of months.  I am a poor blogger and I am going to try to make more of an effort from now on.  Summer always makes me unable to keep to schedules or make myself complete tasks, which probably also accounts for why I haven’t been into my studio since November.

However, now that January is nearly over and we are well and truly into the year 2010, I am becoming proactive and putting productivity into the forefront of my life.  But first off, let me backtrack a little and share a few (I mean quite a few…photo heavy post!) photos of my recent 2 week jaunt to Melbourne.  The weather was great and the company was truly enjoyable, and I now have even more love for this city than before.

It was a great two weeks but I feel like I never have enough time anywhere I go to see everything I want to!  I suppose I’ll just have to go back sometime soon.

And so, hopefully this post is the first in what should become more regular posting!  Tomorrow I am going to my studio to get back into creating!



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2 responses to “Melbourne: 2-16 December 2009

  1. Trixie

    Shanghai Dumpling House! Hooray! It’s one of my favourite places to eat in the city. Cheap, tasty and cheap. What more do you need?

    It looks like you managed to fit more in to two weeks than I have in 5 years, I gotta get outta the house and do stuff.

    • rainbowstripe

      Yeah it was a pretty cheap and delicious meal! We did queue in the alley in the rain for half an hour, but it was well worth the wait!
      It was a great trip, but I’d love to go back again, I feel like there is still so much more to see and do!

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