Dry Spell

For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing a severe lack of inspiration and ideas.  In the beginning, I’d go into my studio and squeeze out some paint colours, drag my feet around listlessly and eventually paint something onto a canvas – some candy coloured bubbles; a branch; a bush.

This week I have no desire to even do that. It’s been over 5 days since I set foot in my studio, and while I’m planning on going in later today, I’m almost dreading it just because I have no idea what to paint or what I want to paint.  I thought it would be easy once I left uni, I thought I’d go in all the time and spend hours painting whatever I wanted, making myself happy and creating paintings that I love. It would seem that this vision was too ideal and that I’d forgotten about the blocks that all artists/writers/creators come up against.

It’s as if there is some sort of barrier in my mind preventing me from just painting, or perhaps even a little bit of fear. It is harder not having a goal to work towards and I’ve never been that great at setting my own goals.

If anyone, creative or otherwise, has ideas on how to break a dry spell, I’d be really grateful.


My cat urges you to help, as he’s sick of all the extra attention he’s getting since I’m spending more time at home.



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2 responses to “Dry Spell

  1. Ena

    again, i know i’m replying to an older post, so i do apologise if it’s not relevant any more. i find the only thing that helps with a block is to just do something, no matter what. it helps to lead you to new things that you can make/paint/etc. maybe try something you’ve never done, even if it doesn’t quite relate to what you are doing at the moment? like something completely different – make a video, make an animation etc.

    or just do a small painting that will not make you feel trepidation at putting down that first patch of paint (i know what that is like lol!). maybe even do a bunch of quick dirty little paintings on some sort of cheap material like printer paper. that way you won’t get attached to them or too afraid of messing up and you can just paint/make stuff that comes to you in the moment, in order to get it all going.

    don’t be too hard on yourself. <3 to me it really seems like you've done a decent amount of work in the time you've had your studio. and not only that, but it's (mostly) work you really like and that makes you happy. it's not just paintings you need to paint for an assessment or whatever. i really like the care with which you make your paintings – visually there are really interesting moments of difference happening with them. and you put a lot of detail and patience into them and build them up over several days. i also really like how you're not afraid to work over paintings or sand/scrape them down and start again. you are actually being an artist outside of art school! it must feel so cool!

    • rainbowstripe

      I wish it felt cool! Sometimes it just feels like I’m trying but failing. I think it’s harder sometimes not having something to work towards, no deadlines, no expectations. I’m not sure.

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