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Hello Kitty Twice

Hello Kitty Electric Kettle

Hello Kitty Electric Kettle

Hello Kitty…Cat

MooseFace Killah.
I like to call him MooseFace Killah.

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Etsy Feature – Cute Jewellery #2

There’s always room for more accessories, so it’s time for more cute jewellery finds from Etsy!  I’m always on the hunt for original pieces, and I’ve found some more wonderful sellers on Etsy to share with you!

Gingerbread Jewelry

bunny loves chocolate cake necklaceBunny Loves Chocolate Cake Necklace by Gingerbread Jewelry

27 year old Natascha from New Hampshire makes delectably kawaii jewellery in a similar vein to some of the other sellers I’ve featured, yet her pieces are still completely unique and utterly adorable.  Her shop Gingerbread Jewelry has all sorts of cuteness such as pancakes, bunnies and even a burger and fries necklace, if that’s your type of thing. The shop is full of great one-of-a-kind items, separated into collections for easy browsing!

burger and fries necklace

deer necklace

pancake earringsTop to bottom:

Burger and Fries Necklace

Deer Necklace

Pancake Earrings


The Pudding Store

Petit Rabbit Necklace by PuddingPetit Rabbit Necklace from The Pudding Store

As a change, I decided to include some jewellery that isn’t completely over-the-top in it’s cuteness.  The accessories by Sabine at The Pudding Store are still cute, but in a slightly more reserved way than that of my usual choices.  Of course that doesn’t mean they aren’t all completely lovely, because they are. Very lovely indeed. Plus, in case it isn’t obvious by now, I love bunnies.

Jolie Fille Gold Plated Frame Necklace by Pudding

My Little Fawn Earrings by PuddingPetit Rabbit Bracelet by PuddingTop to bottom:

Jolie Fille Gold-Plated Frame Necklace

My Little Fawn Earrings

Petit Rabbit Bracelet

Sabine also has another shop on Etsy  called  The Pudding Store Vintage which specialises in vintage clothes, shoes and accessories.


Baby Loves Pink

My Little Secret - Animal Capsule NecklaceMy Little Secret – Animal Capsule Necklace from Baby Loves Pink

The Baby Loves Pink store on Etsy is pretty much summed up in the 3 words listed on the shop’s main page: fun, cute and colourful! The shop showcases dozens of super-cute goodies featuring food, animals and pretty much everything else that I love, and it’s not just limited to jewellery! Keep an eye out for the amazingly cute panda scarf!

Drink Milk Necklace

Kitschy Camera Necklace

Tempura Sushi NecklaceTop to bottom:

Drink Milk Necklace

Kitschy Camera Necklace

Tempura Sushi Necklace

Keep updated with new additions to the Baby Loves Pink Store at the Baby Loves Pink Blog!


The shops selected for this feature are so full of wonderful items, so it was hard to choose just a few from each to show you! Make sure to visit the stores to see all the cuteness and don’t forget to support handmade!

All photos taken from the Etsy shops of Gingerbread Jewelry, The Pudding Store and Baby Loves Pink


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Dry Spell

For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing a severe lack of inspiration and ideas.  In the beginning, I’d go into my studio and squeeze out some paint colours, drag my feet around listlessly and eventually paint something onto a canvas – some candy coloured bubbles; a branch; a bush.

This week I have no desire to even do that. It’s been over 5 days since I set foot in my studio, and while I’m planning on going in later today, I’m almost dreading it just because I have no idea what to paint or what I want to paint.  I thought it would be easy once I left uni, I thought I’d go in all the time and spend hours painting whatever I wanted, making myself happy and creating paintings that I love. It would seem that this vision was too ideal and that I’d forgotten about the blocks that all artists/writers/creators come up against.

It’s as if there is some sort of barrier in my mind preventing me from just painting, or perhaps even a little bit of fear. It is harder not having a goal to work towards and I’ve never been that great at setting my own goals.

If anyone, creative or otherwise, has ideas on how to break a dry spell, I’d be really grateful.


My cat urges you to help, as he’s sick of all the extra attention he’s getting since I’m spending more time at home.


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Cupcake cake

On Friday the 2nd of October, I turned 23. It feels like an interesting age.

I had a pancake breakfast with my sister and her husband. We watched an episode of the new season of ANTM.

After a spot of mid-morning shopping, my sister and I met my two cousins for a Japanese lunch of tempura and tofu.

I spent the afternoon watching my sister bake me the cake pictured above. I got to put the sprinkles on it.

There was delicious Italian dinner with family, including my boyfriend Leon and his dad.

To finish off the day, some family and friends gathered at Leon’s to have cake, shisha pipes and a few drinks.

There was a lot of giggling and the rain stayed away. 23 feels like a good age.





candle blower

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