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Amy Sol

Leaving Downey Cloud IslandLeaving Downy Cloud Island

Creating sweetly serene scenes that feature wispy girls with anthropomorphic animal friends, Amy Sol’s  peaceful muted colour palette interacts naturally with the wood grain board that she often works on and these elements come together as detailed otherworldly vistas.  Her works range from softly penciled graphite drawings and sensitively painted gouache works, through to her deeply intricate acrylic paintings.

We Found Ourselves Being DreamtWe Found Ourselves Being Dreamt

Sol works intuitively, creating fantasy-fueled scenes directly from her mind.  Her influences include folk art, vintage illustration, manga and modern design and she has mentioned Kay Nielsen and Range Murata among the artists that have inspired her.

Dream Distant CousinDream Distant Cousin

Her work (along with that of many other artists) is even available as vinyl skins for cellphones, laptops and a range of other electronic devices from Gelaskins. Pensive pandas to inspire on a daily basis sounds like a super cute idea.

Leave The Hair And Go Free - iPod Gelaskin

Leave The Hair And Go Free – iPod Gelaskin

In the previous 5 years, Sol has participated in many group and solo shows, both in the US and internationally.  This year she has been in two group shows and has an upcoming solo show at the Copro Nason Gallery in Santa Monica, California. If you are anywhere near this venue I implore you to go to her show! I imagine her work is even more magical in person. Sol was born and spent her childhood in Korea; she now lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada.

amy-sol-well-be-there-when-you-wake-upWe’ll Be There When You Wake Up

Please visit Amy Sol’s website here to see more of her work.



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I’m working on a fairly large painting at the moment.  It’s not finished yet but hopefully will be tomorrow (Wednesday). Until then, here is a teaser. I think it looks better in person.

turret tease

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The Climb

Last week was awesome.  It seems as though spring is finally making itself known and that called for times of  gallivanting.

I’m a pretty bad New Zealander I think. I’ve never been to the South Island and a great many other places that are recognised as significant in this country.  I’m attempting to rectify this situation.

Thursday saw an expedition with good friends to Rangitoto, a large volcanic island about half an hour from Auckland by ferry. We climbed to the top, which took just over an hour and there we sat, in the sun,  drinking beer and smoking shisha. It was pretty much bliss.


This photo is courtesy of Amber. I may look nonchalant and dreamy, but really I’m dying from the efforts of the climb. Well worth it though. I forgot to take my camera, which is probably just as well as I’m in dire need of a new one.

On Saturday afternoon we made a brief trip to Red Beach on Auckland’s North Shore to eat some satay chicken sticks and feed sausages to seagulls.  One of the baby ones sounded exactly like a kitten.

Spring has me feeling rather happy and looking forward to more sunshine outings!


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Jiha Moon


A couple of years ago whilst in the search for some inspiration, I happened across the work of Korean born artist Jiha Moon.  I was immediately drawn into a state of enthrallment as I perused the Google Image search results and then even more excited when I discovered her website, with a complete back-catalogue of images.

Jade ValleyJade Valley


Rhetoric ChannelRhetoric Channel

Her work is colourful and exciting; combining elements of landscape, pop art and surrealism in mixed media works that modernise traditional Asian landscapes using saccharine-sweet colours and invented creatures.  A combination of abstraction and representation, traditional and modern, the work of Jiha Moon is, put simply,  incredible to behold.

Nahans Forty WinksNahan’s Forty Winks

Moon is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia and regularly exhibits in both solo and group shows.

All photos from the official website of Jiha Moon.

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Peeper Trio

It’s kind of fun giving people paintings as gifts as it gives me an excuse to paint something different than I usually would. I painted this fun wee trio of animals for my boyfriend’s birthday which was in June.  Yay for cute and slightly misshapen animals!

sneaky trioDon’t tell the octopus that he’s meant to have 8 tentacles. I don’t think he’d be too happy if he found out.

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I’m sure this website is nothing new to a lot of people, but I only happened across it today and it’s got me very excited.  I’ve always loved those photo booth machines that you can get your photo taken and find your face strewn with stars and phrases with meanings that somehow got lost in translation.

The only problem with these machines is that you spend somewhere between $5 and $15 dollars and end up with only a few small photos or stickers, which in my case generally end up being lost in the recesses of a wallet or handbag. Either that or whoever I’m with will have no part in posing for ridiculous photos.

puricuteYes, that is a pirate cat by my face.

Puricute solves both of these problems!  Puricute is a website with a simple flash player based system that allows you to upload any photo from your computer and turn it into a cutesy overloaded sugary photobooth style concoction.  Do you want a strange penguin-like animal on your cheek? You can have it. Feel like putting your face on a Japanese street sign?  You can do that too.

It’s incredibly fun to play around with and gives normal photos a cute injection.  And just in case you do want a tangible version of your creation, you can buy sticker pictures directly from the site.


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Just because

I know I’ve already shown an image of the first painting to come out of my studio, but it’s pandas and who doesn’t love a good panda? So here are my panda friends.
panda closeup

Pandas are so awesome. Watch this space for the polar bear I’m currently working on.

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