New Little Friends

I used to incorporate sewing into my work.  In the final year of my degree, I presented a series of works that I’m still very fond of that were similar to the work I’m doing now, in that they were abstract landscapes. The difference with these works was the inclusion of hand-sewn plush creatures.  This week I decided to start sewing again.

mini creature

I made 2 little creatures, including the one pictured above. I’m considering painting a place for them to live, but I’m not sure yet.

As well as these tiny creatures, each of which measures no more than a couple of centimetres in height, I also made a gift for my brother-in-law’s birthday. It seems so weird calling him my brother-in-law, as my sister only got married a couple of months ago. Anyway, here he is (the creature, not the brother-in-law):

birthday creature

My sewing skills seem to have deteriorated a little in the couple of years break I took from sewing, and the fact that I don’t use a machine means that there are very obvious flaws in the stitching – but I kind of like that.

So what does anyone else think? Should I keep sewing and perhaps re-incorporate these creatures into my paintings?



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4 responses to “New Little Friends

  1. Ena

    wooo you are sewing again! fabric(i realise i’m replying to a relatively old post – sorry!)these creatures are really cute. i’ve always liked your use of different fabrics. and i love the separate mask-like faces of these particular ones.

    have you thought about using these creatures as canvases of their own? like making a large one and integrating painting with it, rather than including it ON the painting? i dunno, just a thought i had. always loved your sewed creatures anyway – anything you do with them will alwasy be interesting to me lol.

    you could even like… build… a canvas out of these creatures. not explaining too well what i mean, but instead of putting them on a painting, or painting on them like in my first ‘suggestion’ you could maybe join a few and use the pre-existing pattern of the fabric as a painterly component, together with actual paint… and they could be like irregular canvases. omg i’m imagining a whole wall covered in these.

    have you made any more lately that you haven’t shown on this blog? :]

    (btw, good job on the blog actually – i’m never too interested in reading art blogs but i really like yours. it keeps my attention. you include interesting things and a nice wide range of things.)

    • rainbowstripe

      Hey Ena

      I haven’t made anything else that isn’t on the blog sadly. As in the other post that you recently commented on (which I have yet to read hehe) I’ve been going through a dry spell and everytime I think I’m inspired, it disappears as quickly as it arrived.

      Thanks for the ideas! I think I may have to take you up on one – I had thought about it a while ago too, sewing the creatures together and using them to make the “canvas” – I think the idea you’re saying is the same as what I am thinking? I thought about it at the end of 3rd year and was planning on bringing it through to post-grad, but as you saw, I didn’t do that haha. Maybe if I had I’d have completed Masters? Who knows. Oh well! I’m glad you like the blog!

      • Ena

        yep that’s what i meant hehe. :3

        also… meh, don’t think too much about not completing masters. :3 it’s not for everyone.

        i’m not sure what advice i can give (not that you asked for it lol) about your dry spell and lack of inspiration. :( you probably just have to keep working through it. even if you don’t like what you are doing, it will all lead you to a place you’re happy with, is my thinking.

        may i visit your studio in a couple of weeks?

  2. rainbowstripe

    I’m not too worried about the non-completion of Masters.. but sometimes I think about it and feel a bit bad.

    I’m definitely after advice so thank you for giving it!

    As for a studio visit, I’d love you to come and have a look – if you want to come before the end of November that works, otherwise maybe not til January. Going to be in Melbourne for half of December! Yay! And then probably working a bit more than usual pre-Christmas.

    But we need to do stuff! Maybe a movie when I’m back from Melbourne or something?

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