Fuco Ueda

Japanese artist Fuco Ueda was born in 1979. She lives in Japan and exhibits there regularly, as far as I can tell from her website.  I emailed Fuco to ask her permission to feature her on my blog and got this response:


Thank you for an email.
Unfortunately I cannot speak English.
Please forgive the thing answered in faltering English.
Thank you for your having been interested in my artwork.

I feel an email from you very glad.
I was interested.
I permit.

Thank you.

Fuco Ueda

And so I present to you some images of the whimsical surreal work of Fuco Ueda. My favourite one is last. Mmm funghi.

Fuco Ueda - SAKURA

Fuco Ueda - Twilight Zone 2

Fuco Ueda - Symbiosis 1

Please visit Fuco Ueda’s site here or to view available works and prints, go here.



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2 responses to “Fuco Ueda

  1. How adorable, I love her broken english.
    Also? the fungi painting is amazing!

    • rainbowstripe

      I thought it was a pretty cute email, the effort is so sweet!
      Funghi = love. I’m feeling inspired to try my hand at mushrooms!

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