The Climb

Last week was awesome.  It seems as though spring is finally making itself known and that called for times of  gallivanting.

I’m a pretty bad New Zealander I think. I’ve never been to the South Island and a great many other places that are recognised as significant in this country.  I’m attempting to rectify this situation.

Thursday saw an expedition with good friends to Rangitoto, a large volcanic island about half an hour from Auckland by ferry. We climbed to the top, which took just over an hour and there we sat, in the sun,  drinking beer and smoking shisha. It was pretty much bliss.


This photo is courtesy of Amber. I may look nonchalant and dreamy, but really I’m dying from the efforts of the climb. Well worth it though. I forgot to take my camera, which is probably just as well as I’m in dire need of a new one.

On Saturday afternoon we made a brief trip to Red Beach on Auckland’s North Shore to eat some satay chicken sticks and feed sausages to seagulls.  One of the baby ones sounded exactly like a kitten.

Spring has me feeling rather happy and looking forward to more sunshine outings!



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2 responses to “The Climb

  1. How strange and wonderful! I had no idea you were connected to Amber – I’ve been following her blog/twitter/flickr for what seems like forever.

    p.s. the photo is lovely.

    • rainbowstripe

      Yes! Amber is great. I’ve known her for just over a year now, she is one of the lovely friends I’ve met through my boyfriend. And yes, she takes awesome pictures hehe.

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