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Mala Iqbal

High Altitude Sunset - 2009

Mala Iqbal paints landscapes which I find to be pretty epic. They may not be everyone’s taste, but I am feeling heavily inspired after discovering her work.  Her use of colours and detailed interludes draw you into the work, and she uses paint in a uniquely admirable fashion.


The Traveler

While browsing her website, I found it interesting to observe the progression that is obvious from looking through the archives.  Her style has developed from something that appears heavily influenced by graffiti and spray paint art to more organic looking landscape representations. The works included in the post are in reverse chronological order, the first image being one of most recent works from 2009, through to the last one which is from 2006.


The Jungle

Mala has both a BA in Visual Arts and English from Columbia University NYC and an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She has been exhibiting regularly since 2001. Please visit her site here to see more of her amazing paintings.



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New Little Friends

I used to incorporate sewing into my work.  In the final year of my degree, I presented a series of works that I’m still very fond of that were similar to the work I’m doing now, in that they were abstract landscapes. The difference with these works was the inclusion of hand-sewn plush creatures.  This week I decided to start sewing again.

mini creature

I made 2 little creatures, including the one pictured above. I’m considering painting a place for them to live, but I’m not sure yet.

As well as these tiny creatures, each of which measures no more than a couple of centimetres in height, I also made a gift for my brother-in-law’s birthday. It seems so weird calling him my brother-in-law, as my sister only got married a couple of months ago. Anyway, here he is (the creature, not the brother-in-law):

birthday creature

My sewing skills seem to have deteriorated a little in the couple of years break I took from sewing, and the fact that I don’t use a machine means that there are very obvious flaws in the stitching – but I kind of like that.

So what does anyone else think? Should I keep sewing and perhaps re-incorporate these creatures into my paintings?


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Fuco Ueda

Japanese artist Fuco Ueda was born in 1979. She lives in Japan and exhibits there regularly, as far as I can tell from her website.  I emailed Fuco to ask her permission to feature her on my blog and got this response:


Thank you for an email.
Unfortunately I cannot speak English.
Please forgive the thing answered in faltering English.
Thank you for your having been interested in my artwork.

I feel an email from you very glad.
I was interested.
I permit.

Thank you.

Fuco Ueda

And so I present to you some images of the whimsical surreal work of Fuco Ueda. My favourite one is last. Mmm funghi.

Fuco Ueda - SAKURA

Fuco Ueda - Twilight Zone 2

Fuco Ueda - Symbiosis 1

Please visit Fuco Ueda’s site here or to view available works and prints, go here.


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Bunny Troubles

So in the past week it’s become exceedingly clear that there are some things that I cannot paint even though I might want to. Or at least that’s how it feels.  After declaring that I was going to become more dedicated to the life of a studio artist, I’ve already hit a wall.

I started a painting on Monday this week.


On Tuesday, I did some more work on it.


On Wednesday, I completely and utterly screwed it up.

bunny of doom.

Yep. A bunny. I like bunnies. I like all things cute. I had a whole bunch of images of wild rabbits, frolicking here and there, sneaking around in fields of grass. I wanted to paint a bunny. I shouldn’t have.

bunny :(

Everyone has some limit to their skills, and it would seem that bunnies are my limit.

What now?  It’s Thursday and I’ve taken the day off. I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages, which was worthwhile. I may have even found an awesome job. And I can relax for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  Except not really, because I don’t know what to do about this painting. I feel like it’s ruined, and I don’t know what to do. The thought of facing it makes me feel a little ill. I’m angry and sad at that silly bunny.

Does anyone have any tips? Thoughts, advice, critique?


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Ronald Kurniawan

Day Of The Dead - Ronald Kurniawan

Day Of The Dead - Ronald Kurniawan

Ronald Kurniawan makes surreal brightly coloured magical works that feature invented creatures and landscape elements along with references to technology and the civilised world. His work includes paintings and sculptures, though he is definitely more prolific at the first.

Queen B - Ronald Kurniawan

Queen B - Ronald Kurniawan

He lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He has exhibited in many shows and has also created work for companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Disney Consumer Products, General Mills and Honda, to name a few.

Ronald Kurniawan - Work for Honda Insight Campaign

Ronald Kurniawan - Work for Honda Insight Campaign

Ronald Kurniawan paints imagery that makes you think. And he also has a pet pug, so he must be awesome.

Top Dog - Ronald Kurniawan

Top Dog - Ronald Kurniawan

Please visit the website of Ronald Kurniawan to see more of his work.

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Laptop time!

It’s probably not as exciting for anyone else as it is for me, but I now have a laptop!  It’s something I’ve needed for a while now and I am very grateful to my parents as it is a very generous graduation gift!

It’s an HP Pavilion DV6 1215AX, which basically means that it’s very shiny and pretty.

HP Pavilion DV6 1215AX

I get pretty frustrated having to print out pages and pages of references images and inspiration to put up around my studio.  Now I won’t have to do that.  It also means blogging on the go! So if I’m in studio and need  a break from painting I can draft up a blog post.

The most exciting thing I’ve thought of so far is the fact that I can be in my studio and have a Studio Ghibli film playing while I’m painting.

So yes, not so exciting for others but very exciting for moi!  Hopefully this means more productivity both in and away from my studio!

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Polar Palace

While I may not quite be happy with the levels of productivity I’m reaching, I am at least happy with the work I’m producing – and it’s been a little while since that was the case.

Polar Palace - full image

Yesterday I finished this painting, and while I’m the first to admit that it’s not perfect, there is a lot I like about it.  The polar bear isn’t quite right, but the castle is pretty – and it looks more impressive in person.

Polar Palace - detail

Polar Palace - detail

There is an award show/competition that I’m planning on entering; the deadline is the beginning of October.  So far I’m considering putting in this work and the previous one with the pandas.  This may change, dependent on this:


Blank canvas of doom! It’s so hard looking at a huge blank canvas and deciding where to begin. The prospect of the first brushstroke ruining it is daunting. But paint I must.

Any critique and/or feedback on this painting is most welcome!

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