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Birthday Elephant

My boyfriend’s mother is such a lovely lady and I always seem to have some of the most interesting conversations with her when I’m around at their house.  It was her birthday over the weekend so last week I decided I’d paint her a little gift. She absolutely loves elephants; I don’t even think I could begin to count how many likenesses of the long-trunked pachyderm are scattered around the rooms of their villa.  I couldn’t help injecting some cuteness into my rendition.



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Louder and Louder

Recently I’ve been trying to find myself some new music to listen to, because along with hot drinks, another painting essential for me is good music.  After having a wee listen to Florence And The Machine’s album, Lungs, I somehow happened across a brilliant remix by Boy 8-Bit of the track “Drumming Song”.  Ever since finding it I’ve listened to it at least once a day.  I may just have to hunt down some more of Boy 8-Bit’s music, as this track is incredibly listenable and at just over 6 minutes, it’s a great painting soundtrack.

Drumming Song – Florence And The Machine (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

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From my archives

It so often happens that I’ll spend so hours labouring over a painting and absolutely love it when it’s finished, only to become completely over it within a few weeks.  Fickle is a brilliant word to describe this commonplace conundrum.  The images in this post are of some of the few paintings that have escaped that fate.

Mid 2007

Sarah Paintings 2007 011

Sarah Paintings 2007 013

Early 2008

blue purple


This last image makes me pretty happy. Sleepy plush cloud over pointy mountains = bliss.

Hopefully I can find more images of my old paintings that I still like. I have a series of paintings hanging in my room that are my favourites but currently have no images of them available.


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Fresh Panda Start

I am lucky enough to have found a pretty sweet studio space for minimal rent that is close to home.  The space is one of 8 dedicated to emerging artists and recent graduates and while it’s relatively simple, I’m pretty happy to have found something that meets my needs and is affordable.  It’s concrete floors and unfinished walls don’t give off a hugely creative vibe, but I’ve hung a huge satiny curtain over one concrete wall and cosied the place up with a rug on the floor. There are plans in my mind to cute-ify the space but at the moment it’s pretty good as is.Studio

My mother’s brother, who dislikes being called my uncle is pretty cool. He constructed me a trolley with wheels and a glass top which is the ideal palette.

Painting trolley

I’ve got a vintage chair in there and I even managed to score a good deal on a fridge.  I can’t paint without hot drinks, and I can’t have hot drinks without cold milk.  A beer or two in an artist’s studio never goes astray either.

Having been in the space now for around 2 months I can’t say I’ve been nearly as productive as I’d hoped, but I have no deadlines so I’m taking my time to make things that I actually like.  No longer being held accountable by tutors for my work has given me freedom to paint whatever I like. So I painted some pandas. Why not?



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